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Hi Tracey,

Thank you. The project turned out exactly how I had envisioned it. So I am extremely happy with the result.
Many thanks to you and your staff for all of their work....and patience as well

Take care,

Hi Lewis,

Hope all is well. The door looks fantastic. Can't thank you enough for your suggestions and you guidance. Thank your crew on our behalf as well, they were great. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.


Best painting job we ever had. Nice work!


Hi Jack,

My husband and I just wanted to thank you again for the repair work you and your colleagues carried out on our unit.
We very much appreciate the care taken, and are hopeful that water penetration problems will now cease to exist.

Take care,

Laura and Erel


My wife and I are very pleased with the work done on our garage and deck. Workers of Unlimited Building Solutions showed great workmanship and professionalism. I highly recommend UBS.

Thank you for efforts.

Merry Christmas and Prosperpous & Healthy New Year!
Robin & Vanessa

Dear: Lewis Selva

I would like to thank Doug and his crew for the professional services we received while they were working in our home. All members of Dou crew were polite, pleasant and worked as professionals. They could not have done anything more in order to meet or exceed our expectations of them while removing the mold in the basement.

At the end of each day I was always assured they cleaned up behind themselves and kept all materials and products of theirs neatly labeled and organized. Always vacuumed and swept everything prior to leaving. I appreciated the fact they kept me informed of each step they were doing and why it was required.

I can not express enough my gratitude and thanks to all of Doug's crew. I certainly will recommend Doug Dupuis to friends, relatives or anyone who requires this type of work done.

A very special thank you to Eric (Doug's son) who took control and organized this job. Without his ability to organize and prioritize not only the crew but this project, I am sure it would have taken alot longer to complete.

We really appreciate what Doug did for us, Doug and his crew in our opinion is a real asset to your business.


Robert and Fay


I really appreciate your team. You have come through for us in so many ways on so many jobs all over the place and I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate you and your team and the excellent work you are doing for us. The attached compliment is well deserved and if most customers were honest and took the time, many would tell us similar things.

Please thank all your staff for me.
Let’s talk next Wednesday and lunch is on me!!


So it was that our patio/deck was leaking into the garage and it was built so that it was slanted towards the house, which caused the rain to accumulate and pool on the deck instead of drain off.

After the legal requirements had been honoured, Tarion told us that UBS (Unlimited Building Solutions) was coming in to fix the patio. They would be raising the patio door between 3 to 4 inches and also they were going to put a negative slant on the deck so that the water would drain off rather than accumulate.

It seemed like a mammoth task to raise the door and while I was eager to get the deck fixed I was concerned about the length of time and all of the difficulties involved.

On Thursday November 10th, UBS presented themselves. The mason, Dennis came on the 9th to take out the bricks above the door. Scott McDowell and his team had the major task of removing the door and then fixing the deck so that it would have a negative slant. It was clear right from the start that this team was both knowledgeable and efficient.

I was impressed that the UBS team worked cleanly and accurately making sure that every step was the right thing to do. Scott McDowell and his team worked until 8pm for the 2 evenings (Thursday and Friday) to get the job done before the winter weather. They made sure, even though it was late in the day, that the deck was carefully covered in case of inclement weather, and also that all the debris relating to the days work was cleaned up and carted away. It took them 2 days to complete the big jobs and a couple more for the smaller things. By Wednesday, November 16th the teams were all done with our patio deck repair. I was impressed that the door was taken out and put back into place without any challenges as well as no dirt and dust build-up in the kitchen. It works better than before.

Scott McDowell, Greg McDowell as well as Dennis are an excellent team and we were exceptionally fortunate to have them do this major task for us. The deck looks like a million dollars.

Thank you UBS contractors for the superb job that you did. Thank you too to Tarion for choosing contractors that are knowledgeable, efficient and responsible.

Rosemary and Michael